19th Jan 2015


I recently attended D&D North, an event dedicated to discussing the future of theatre with those either devoted to or disgruntled by it. One of the proposed starting points for a...

27th Sep 2013

The Crimson Effect

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19th Sep 2013

Doing Porridge

I am writing this in a lovely little cafe round the corner from the Hub, where we have found the key (and the secret) to starting a day in a...

17th Sep 2013

The Hub

Today we arrived at Slung Low’s The HUB in Leeds where we are working this week. Seeing as it’s Trailer Tuesday please enjoy the short video we made for you...

13th Sep 2013

A Page from my Notebook

Introducing both halves of Nigel and Louise (Shunt) [Applause] What a day. Lots of questions about what we’re making and why we’re making it, who it’s for and what we...

10th Sep 2013

The Second Rehearsal

I thought I’d make a short video for today’s blog just to mix it up a bit. We’re having a good time exploring initial ideas, writing and talking. Looking forward...

09th Sep 2013

It Starts.

We talked about and wrote on big pieces of paper things we want to say, things we want to try, things about context, and what we want the show to...

08th Apr 2013

Day 6. The Verdict.

The sun has set on my time in Morecambe. Day 6 was full. The four performers rocked up so that was a relief after a struggle to peel myself out...

06th Apr 2013

Day 5. Nuts.

And then there were two. One day before the show. But I don’t mean to sound negative because actually these two have been here on time all week and being...

05th Apr 2013

Day 4. Fits up to age 8

Day 4. And then there were three. The fourth wasn’t there because she might be getting something pierced and the fifth’s family are doing something else for a couple of...