Day 3. The Wall.

Blog three, paragraph one coming at ya from the rehearsal room. We’ve just had a lunch break and Lenny is leading some warm up games before we get back to the show. Its loud. I’m writing from in here today because I’m going rock climbing in Lancaster tonight. When in Rome. Seriously though I will not make a show unless I can rock climb at least once exactly half way through the process. Today started with a quick rehearsal of what we did yesterday so we could show Alice and Leo. It went well, and from the feedback we can move forward by making the bits that worked longer and altering things that didn’t seem to fit in as well as others. I just have to go slightly off-subject for a moment to inform you that during a ‘quick’ loo break everyone is now stuck in the lift. I’ll be honest- they don’t have the longest attention spans I’ve ever seen, so I do hear the odd excuse to have a break but getting stuck in a lift has taken the lead and put  ‘I just need to put my phone over there’ (on the other side of the room, DURING a run through) in second place. I have been left alone in the space, looking at a computer screen, writing a blog in a blank e-mail, looking out at empty chairs. Lenny and Leo have gone to calm everyone down and sort it out..

They are now out the lift. This is the most dramatic thing that has ever happened. Phone calls are being made right now to tell mums, dads, step-mums and family pets that they are ok. Seriously.. that’s not a joke. They are literally making phone calls. This is what is being said:
“I’m never going in a lift again”
“I thought I was going to die”
“I couldn’t breathe”
“OMG I’ve got a hole in my sock”
I’m not sure if that last one was related to the lift. So trying to get back on track with what we are all here for, we are now coming up with an action and taking an isolated part of it. We’re going to play with this, to get away from static positions, reading from paper and not really knowing how to make it feel more performance-y.
After some playing about we hit a mid-afternoon wall. A conversation is being had about Murder Mysteries, theatre and this show. It is apparent that we need to have the following conversation:
Imagine this newspaper is a ‘murder mystery’. Now imagine this one is a manual called ‘how to make a show’. What we are doing is taking bits from each and putting them together. That is our show. It is not going to be a murder mystery, and it’s ok if you’ve already told your dad that is or if your grandma is expecting one. We don’t have to give people exactly what they expect.
We’re at that stage of a process where you’re too far in to scrap everything and go a completely different way about it but we’re not close enough to see it properly. The midway point. The wall. Its tempting to move towards the wall and smack my head into it repetitively for at least 5 minutes. But instead I have to find a way to climb over it and bring them over it too. So that’s what I have to do. Even though I didn’t bring any loose trousers. It’s fine- I will do it in my jeans.
And on that note, I have to go and climb a wall. What an appropriate thing to do tonight. I am in a pub now after spending the rest of the afternoon clarifying what the show will be and agreeing to find a way to let a character monologue into the piece, trying to get a blog post out before I am picked up from outside.
Thanks for reading! x
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