Nicki Hobday Conquers Space

A solo show made in collaboration with Neil Mackenzie.

Nicki Hobday hasn’t arrived. The stage is empty and only the expectations of the audience and a load of possibilities are present. Things unfold nevertheless, with overblown soundtracks and performing raincoats, as expectations are fleshed out and romantic fantasies threaten to take over. Indeed it’s only when she does, finally, show up that it all starts to go seriously wrong. Marking a new point where theatre and comedy meet, Nicki Hobday Conquers Space crams all time and all space into one theatrical moment, one that keeps feeding back on itself, in a desperate attempt to avoid facing the facts… Award winning performer Nicki Hobday teams up for the first time with director Neil Mackenzie, in an hilarious mix of high ideas and low humour.

Read what The Stage thought in a review of the show in Edinburgh 2010 here, and a review from Flare festival June 2012 here.


(Roshana Rubin- Mayhew)

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