A Page from my Notebook

Introducing both halves of Nigel and Louise (Shunt)


What a day. Lots of questions about what we’re making and why we’re making it, who it’s for and what we want them to get from it. We played, improvised, impersonated, and discussed. We realised that instead of having lots of material that needs shaping into a show we actually have lots of shows. To move forward, we need to make a decision. I’m trying to vary these blog posts. Soon I will write one, properly, about the process and how I’m feeling. But at the moment it’s working quite nicely as a scrapbook for me.

This is what I scrawled down in my note pad from our third rehearsal.

Where’s the show about young people?

Where’s the bit for older people about what’s funny about being young?

What is funny about it?

Limiting ourselves by trying to boil it down. Stop trying to find out what it is by talking. Try stuff. Research and develop.

Walking around – being old people we know. Exercises that effect physicality. Not spilling water. Having conversations as old people.

As we get older, do we become extensions of ourselves. Exaggerated. Voice.

Doing people – but it’s *

TS Elliot poem.

Zimmers as set. Shadows on floor. Empty. Something paused. Sense of a lot of people and a sense of absence at the same time.

Reading poems in the voice of an old lady we know. Peppering it with our own.

What is the material that allows them to be part of what’s funny about it.

Getting to know people.

Are we just going to show something and our opinions be evident with what we say and how we say it


Are we letting them decide giving series of words, images etc about a subject matter

Do you want the audience to be invited into/ introduced to you first, the old people first, or the world you’re creating first?

Want audience to have an insight into our experience or insight into getting old?

Are we bring an audience into a care home or are we talking to the, as if they’re in one?

Don’t want to be patronising

Being on the same side.

Doesn’t have to be literal.

Noises, smells, sounds, tea trolleys, piss, dog food

Care home environment, changes by the end

Something especially beautiful. Chocolate cake story.

What about the negative stuff?

Care industry. care homes. That is just one tiny part of ageing. Large percentage of older people living independently. Maybe we should focus on the care industry because thats where our experience is.

How immersed do you want the audience to be in it?

Where is this world? Make a choice.


What do we want them to take away from this?

Old people and young people looking at each other’s lives and thinking ‘I wouldn’t like to live like that’ …of course you wouldn’t.

Party. What is a perfect party. Asking people of different ages.

Do we throw a party?

Pleasures in life.

Skyping Hilda.

Making the most of your life before you DIE. not before you get old.

* Need to remember to finish my notes.


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