And Hell Followed With Them

A performance by Drunken Chorus.

Taking inspiration from Tobe Hooper, Chuck Palahniuk and David Lynch, AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH THEM is a haunting piece of theatre, exploring the formal structures that exist to create tension and suspense within the horror genre.

and hell followed

(Image from PILOT Nights at Warwick Arts Centre 2011)

Watch the whole thing here:


Drunken Chorus descend into a dark and disturbing world of fear, violence and torture. Packed with rhythms, repetitions and motifs, the performance merges nightmarish visions with grotesque movement and gallows humour. It is a performance that explores our perceptions of horror; a performance full of darkness and silence; a performance that lies always in the shadow of some horrific act.
“The heightened cinematic sensibility gives a warped kind of beauty to the enigmatic characters, and the churning, crackly soundtrack had the power to wrench me from my seat on several occasions… visceral, enigmatic and atmospheric” (Cutteruption, Online Review Site)

“Shadowy, noir-ish, tenebrous” (Jildy Sauce, Online Review Site)

“Brave and brilliant stuff. I can see it might divide audiences, but let it! We need work that takes risks and this does so brilliantly” (Dick Bonham, The Carriageworks Theatre)

Chris Williams
Nicki Hobday
David McBride

Steve Kilpatrick

David McBride

The Nuffield Theatre, 2011

The Wickham Theatre, Bristol
Leeds Met Studio Theatre @ Northern Ballet
Greenroom, Manchester
Junction, Goole

Live at LICA (Lancaster)
LANWest (Live Art North West)
Arts Council England
Testing Grounds
China Plate / Pilot
Junction (Goole)
Proto-Type Theater / Sunday Lunch Club


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