The Last Adventures

In The Last Adventures Forced Entertainment collaborate with Lebanese sound artist Tarek Atoui to create a compelling performance on an epic scale. Sounds swarm and storm in the air as performers in homemade costumes create a pageant of giant sea monsters, ghosts, fighting kings, marching robots and dancing trees. Before our eyes Forced Entertainment transform a haunted forest into a sky of portentous clouds, or the aftermath of a terrible war. Here and there recognisable characters surface from the chaos in strange juxtapositions, emerging onstage from the ruins of familiar stories, only to disappear in the very next moment.

Working with a cast of twelve international performers, artistic director Tim Etchells leads Forced Entertainment into challenging new territory. With recorded soundtrack mixing electronics from Atoui and live instrumentation from a different special guest musicians in each location,The Last Adventures is an intoxicating experience mixing fairy tales, science fiction, children’s picture books and epic myths.

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Photo: Copyright James Allan

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