Trainers, Or The Brutal Unpleasant Atmosphere Of This Most Disagreeable Season

by Sylvan Oswald

A parallel present.

Two queer bodies meet in the fallout of a second civil war.

In a time of revolution, is love the most radical act?

Trainers (A Theatrical Essay) by Sylvan Oswald asks what separates us from each other. our bodies, ourselves, and how we might complete one another.

This queer visionary adventure story explores the different ways we can be lovers and activists and humans and what it takes to train for a revolution.

Trainers was performed at The Gate theatre, London in March 2020. Directed by Hester Chillingworth

“Performed gloriously: the slight, fey Messias and solid, straightforward Hobday are excellent in Chillingworth’s perpetual-motion production. They don’t so much act out the roles of Steven and the narrator as trippily illustrate their story, chugging cooking oil, falling down holes, shovelling back coffee granules, engaging in a hanging-from-the-ceiling contest and much, much more. In a sense, the production feels as much about the depiction of their partnership as Steven and the narrator’s.” – TimeOut

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