For professional enquiries my e-mail address is

For anything less formal I’m on most of the social medias.

Twitter @Nickihobday

Facebook: Nicki Hobday

Instagram: Nickihobday

(I’m going to keep the photo below here because when I first made this website I felt pretty smug about how META it would be to write a pretend email to you at my website, screenshot it, and insert it onto the contact page. Now it makes me cringe but for the consideration I probably gave to how approachable I should come across in e-mail form and because I think it probably took me much longer than it should have to do, I thought -I won’t delete it, I’ll just add a sort of disclaimer. Also, I can’t remember how knowingly I’d left the red underlining of my e-mail address and name but I can assure you they are both spelt correctly)



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