“I originally came to Nicki to help with my fitness and strength (mainly to do a press up!) but the sessions have given me that and so much more. I have felt a huge boost in energy and positivity. Nicki is such a fantastic cheerleader and so knowledgeable. Nicki provides bespoke programmes that are easy to fit in with my routine and she offers suggestions of ways to make them easier or more challenging depending on my needs/schedule. I really can’t recommend Nicki highly enough, I’m looking forward to booking in another block!” – Andrea, Voice Coach (online client)

“I fell off the fitness bandwagon after being diagnosed with an inherited heart condition and needed a friendly nudge back into physical exercise. Enter Nicki Hobday! Nicki gave me a full consultation to find out what would work for me and my fitness levels, as well as my medication side effects and heart-healthy needs. She’s been instrumental in getting me moving (and sweating) again, and has also given me the confidence to re-start my running routine, outside of our sessions. Working with Nicki isn’t just good for my physical health but it’s also been really good for my mental health too. She creates a supportive environment to gain confidence and to push myself further than I thought I could go. She’s provided a sustained plan  to implement after our sessions – and I already feel like a whole new me! Also, it’s great to be able to laugh with each other whilst learning to do a push up – who’d have thought that could be fun?! She’s the nicest taskmaster you could ask for.” – Leah (online client)

“I’m not a stranger to the gym but have always felt strange in one, I never really knew what to do or how to do it but thanks to working with Nicki that’s no longer the case. I’ve a (very) personal catalogue of sessions which, after doing each with her, I feel confident doing myself in between our workouts together. She listens, observes, coaches and encourages with care and humour. Nicki has worked me like no other PT has before which is why I’ve never continued with any others. Nicki’s anatomical knowledge and deep understand of exercise is above and beyond and she also offers fantastic nutritional advice.” – Peter, actor/yoga teacher – In Person client

“Nicki is amazing, I went to see her when I injured my knee and was having a lot of trouble walking. I’m in my late fifties and not a gym goer and was worried I would feel intimidated. But Nicki made me feel completely safe and it was a lot of fun, l didn’t imagine having a good laugh would be part of the gym experience. She designed a programme of exercises to get me moving again and the results were great. I even joined a gym as a result. Nicki has really changed my attitudes, I exercise regularly and if I pick up a niggle, I feel confident that with Nicki’s help I can iron it out. Just amazing.” – Richard Lowdon, Performer. (In Person client)

“Nicki makes me feel totally safe and comfortable, and even ambitious, in the gym. She is so encouraging and knowledgable and never fails to make me laugh, which makes training something I look forward to even more. I always thought the gym wasn’t really a place for me, but Nicki has an unwavering commitment to helping me reach my goals for my body, with no judgement or preconception, and I have become much fitter, stronger and more confident in the gym, since working with her. She’s the personal trainer I always dreamed of finding and I can’t recommend her enough.” –Hester Chillingworth, Artist (In Person client)

“Nicki takes time and enormous care to plan each session, and to really think about your body and your goals in a bespoke way, it never feels off the shelf. Over the course of the work together it was really clear that Nicki had thought in depth about the progression of the sessions, slowly extending and challenging my capacity, but also what I thought I was ‘good’ or ‘bad’ at. As a Queer woman, the great thing about the work with Nicki is that gender is just not a thing, a worry I have with less aware PT’s who may consciously or unconsciously be influenced by notions of a what a ‘female’ body should be like. After the first set of sessions I feel much more powerful and aware of my body as a whole integrated system. I am also equipped with loads of new moves that I can do on my own. Nicki is hugely encouraging, patient, knowledgeable and has a brilliant sense of humour about the whole endeavour.” – Rachel Mars, Artist (In Person client)

“Nicki was super considerate of my needs and worked with me in a very respectful way; listening carefully and putting together a routine that felt achievable with options to make it more challenging when I was ready. As an older woman and new to using a PT I was really impressed with Nicki and how friendly and supportive she was. Looking forward to more!” -Eileen, Executive Director (In Person Client)

“I sought a personal trainer because I needed to improve my fitness and strength, and I had recently had a baby. With return to work fast approaching I wanted to be able to get out of my maternity wear and back into my old work outfits. Nicki took on board all of my needs as well as the fact that I only had pockets of time to workout with a 6 month old on the loose. As well as creating workouts that would help me get strong again, all within 20-30 minutes, Nicki paid attention to how I worked out, what seemed to motivate me, and then used this when planning sessions or when encouraging me during workouts. She recognised what drives me to work hard, and used this to her and, especially, my advantage. She helped me to be realistic and kind to myself with working out and setting goals, but she still challenged me with every workout. I also appreciated that Nicki didn’t take the military approach, but instead gave constant encouragement, recognised my physical skills and made me recognise and appreciate them. That was the best motivational technique of all! Finally, what I really appreciated in between simple explanation of exercises was a healthy dose of humour that made me feel comfortable and not at all judged on my physicality or fitness.” – Jodean, Lecturer (Online Client)

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